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owmybones's Journal

Ow, my bones.
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Because we all like to bitch about being hungry.
This is a community designed for the more intelligent, frustrated, angsty, whatever, disordered children of the livejournal eating disorder subculture. Sometimes we just need to bitch, and more importantly, to be heard.

1. THIS IS NOT A OMGZ THINSPOOOO TIPS PLZ community. It's meant for whining, bitching, looking for people who understand. Not looking to become eating disordered, or to get tips. So don't look for those, or whatever. It's fine if you post pictures, sure, but they must be related to your bitching. ie, "MARY KATE IS SUCH A SKINNY BITCH, LOOKSEE?"
2. Be respectful. This does not mean do not be sarcastic or condescending. By all means, go for it. We're starved, and we're also intelligent. Just, don't be a mean-face, okay?
3. ALL POSTS MUST BE BITCHING. This community is specifically designed to vent your NNNGSHHGHs, so let at it. If you want to post about how lovely your day was, it better have a sour ending which would then categorise your post as a bitchrant.
4. You are allowed to be sympathetic, infact, I encourage it. DO reply to others' entries, don't make this an anonymous every man for himself community. Post similar tramautic experiences, ie, OMG I HATE IT WHEN MY HEELS BREAK OFF TOO IT HAPPENS AT LEAST FOUR TIMES A WEEK WITH ME GRRR. Or simply offer kind words of comfort for those who need it. Cause hey, we all do, right?
5. Be lighthearted, because that's what I am. I designed this community looking for a way to get support and to BE HEARD. The point of a COMMUNITY is so we can COMMUNICATE and learn from each other. Make friends, msn buddies, whatever!
6. These rules suck.
7. Did I mention this community is for bitching, whining, complaining, and generally moaning about how tragic and unfair your life is?