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Ate too much! :(

Hi I'm new in here.

I just had a great day, despite the fact that I went to my Fitness and only worked out half an hour because I was so exausted from not having eating anything else than an apple, a banana and a bread with cheese (oh cheese, sits on my bones as fat!).
But first, I had a great day at school, I showed my project to the class and It went real good. Never really done that before. And then my day ended three hours before most of the rest of the class, because they had first aid classes, and I have already taken those.
And then, taking the bus in to the city, me and a former "friend" left the bus, where after we had a fight. <- yeah that wasn't so great, considering she has a conviction (attacking). But the greatness in this is that I cept my head cool and spoke calm, which I almost never does, but she was just so pathetic! She was like "respect me", "think about me!", oh come on! She's 18 years old, about two months older than I am, and I really felt like the grown-up there.
And at that time I had only had the apple and the banana:D So great. When I got home I was in a hurry because I had an appointment with a socialworker, whom I talk to a couple times a month.
She was like "don't drop out of school if you get disappointed!" - because I have before, but not this time! I love my school.
Allright, the shity thing today was that in the evening, my  mom and I had salmon and salad which I LOOOOVE!!! And I ate too much, and now I feel like I want to throw up, but I have never done that before because of having eaten too much. And I don't even want to, I just feel like it would make my stomach feel much better. I want all that food out of my body:(
OMG!!!!!! I am such a failiure at not eating much...

My mom gave me some shorts a week or so ago. I coulden't fit in too them at the time, but now they are actually a little loose around my belly:D Awesome!


November 2008

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